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Saturday, November 2, 2013

what makes a friend a true friend


what makes a friend a true friend...


these last couple Of days for me have been awful..i have felt like hmmm how should i put this who do you trust?

Its made me question the word friend...

when we look up friend in the dictionary we get..

friend :/ A person whoM one knows, likes, trusts.

A person whom one knows as an aquaintance..

A person with whon one is allied in a struggle or cause or comrade.

or my fav

one who supports sympathizes with or patronizes a group, cause or movement....


you get the picture though...


so reading all these why can friends make us sometimes feel so shitty?

type in google the word friends...

you get..friends is an American sitcom!!!

and maybe that's it the answer there...we all want a piece of the the sitcom pie...the picture perfect canned laughter life is oooh so wonderful pie...


whats a friend to me....Mrs Shep...


a friend is someone who tells you you have a boogie hanging outta your nose...or your dress is stuck in your undies..

a good friend is honest loyal and doesn't make you hurt for days on end.

a good friend sings really badly to awesome 80's rock ballads with you..

a good friend is there when your down for the count.

and when your just well you.


thank you all my friends and support you are my everything and i love you with every part of my soul...

your very own Mrs Shepherd xxx

p.s you have a boogie..


bestfriends xxx

the love of my life

my own best friend and worst enemy me!


what sort of friend are you?


  1. A good friend is THERE FOR YOU...ACCEPTS you as you are.... faults and all -Someone you can trust......someone you can share stuff with. Like you sometimes I am my best friend other times I am like my worst enemy! lots of love, Judy xxxx

  2. A friend is someone that you can dream with and dream about when you are apart..