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Mrs. Shepherd likes new pencil smell, morning hair, dodgy record covers, her husbands mutli coloured beard, scratch and sniff stickers, laughing like a witch, running on the spot, climbing up stairs with tap shoes on, her daughters, zig zag stitch, the colour red, snuggles. Mrs. Shepherd hates know it alls, big headed people at the movies. She is an artist whho lives on the mid north coast of New South Wales with her three daughters and partner in crime.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

what makes a friend a true friend


what makes a friend a true friend...


these last couple Of days for me have been awful..i have felt like hmmm how should i put this who do you trust?

Its made me question the word friend...

when we look up friend in the dictionary we get..

friend :/ A person whoM one knows, likes, trusts.

A person whom one knows as an aquaintance..

A person with whon one is allied in a struggle or cause or comrade.

or my fav

one who supports sympathizes with or patronizes a group, cause or movement....


you get the picture though...


so reading all these why can friends make us sometimes feel so shitty?

type in google the word friends...

you get..friends is an American sitcom!!!

and maybe that's it the answer there...we all want a piece of the the sitcom pie...the picture perfect canned laughter life is oooh so wonderful pie...


whats a friend to me....Mrs Shep...


a friend is someone who tells you you have a boogie hanging outta your nose...or your dress is stuck in your undies..

a good friend is honest loyal and doesn't make you hurt for days on end.

a good friend sings really badly to awesome 80's rock ballads with you..

a good friend is there when your down for the count.

and when your just well you.


thank you all my friends and support you are my everything and i love you with every part of my soul...

your very own Mrs Shepherd xxx

p.s you have a boogie..


bestfriends xxx

the love of my life

my own best friend and worst enemy me!


what sort of friend are you?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

hello friends who actually read my ramblings...
I'm up early today, the house is quiet and i find myself trembling.
trembling as i type even.
maybe I'm scared to be alone in the silence.
there is the odd car i hear but mostly the silence is quiet noisy..
do you know what i mean be noisy silence?
not to worry as soon the hustle and bustle will start in my home and well as for the trembling well that will probably stick by...
as i sit here i can see a blanket of purple jacarandah flowers that have fallen like carpet on my lawn...i do so love them..
i love this time of year they are everywhere like little art installments left in the night.
well best take my trembling hands to do something constructive like make a cup of tea...
im going to leave you with a song that makes me very happy and a image that makes me very happy... hope it does the samme for you..
with light and blessings...
mrs shep xx


Monday, October 28, 2013

have you ever wondered why on some days it's like all the air air has been sucked out of you and you could like give not one more possible breath to a single being....but then some days your buzzing...almost magnetic...
i wonder this all the time...i wonder why some days i loath every part of myself right down to my belly button...and yet the very next day love who i am and have bounce in my step and love every curve of my size 20 body...the feel of shape.
i wonder why when I'm out with people i hear myself speak and laugh but inside i feel funny in the tummy like I'm a freak of nature or something...yet some days i don't even think at all i just communicate.
i wonder why i wonder so much hehehee
i wonder why crispy m&ms are so good and why they add an extra hip to my body but not Mr Shep's...
i wonder why Tony Abbott got in :(
i wonder.
i wonder alot.
and alot


Thursday, October 24, 2013

whats inside my box today..

say no more xx
mrs xx

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

it's just me...nothing more nothing less today..

it's just me... nothing more nothing less today....

 today i am home all by myself...and it is lovely..
the sun is shining cicada's doing their thing...
and i can hear the hustle and bustle of town in the playing in the school yard.
and i my friends am all dressed up with no where to go!

normally i would hoe and humm about this but today i think...
hmmmmm i just might think...
yo i am a beautiful independent woman..
floating around my home I'm so lucky to have.

my home isn't has walls half painted and floors half sanded..
god awful ceilings...but it feels like it gives me a a big ole hug when I'm with it! (and that's alot)

So for today...i am felling just a little me nothing more nothing less..
the best i can be today...and looking OK doing it.

ill attach an image of mine for fun sake!

something I'm working on today xxx
blessings my friends
remember you are loved xx
Mrs Shepherd xx

Saturday, October 19, 2013

alittle love

a little love..

with all the images of the bushfires i am overwhelmed with love and compassion for these people...
they have lost everything.
How lucky we are to have our homes safe and ok..
if everyone could send them from the bottom of their hearts...squeeze  as much out as you can out...LOVE
and wish them well...wish them a safe transisition into a new life they need to set up..
may you all find true happiness again :)
in the mean time hold your kids....laugh out loud like no one can
be grateful for your home no matter how messy...
feel the grass under your feet...
hug your partner extra hard...
life is fragile
we need to give a little more love around..
well mrs think so anyway!
and in the words of of the beatles and well my gran (who think she made it up!)
All you need is love!
give your friend and extra hug..

dance jump and frolick!!

 appreciate your kids xx

Thursday, October 17, 2013

dream big

dream big..

when did life get so busy?
so hard?
remember when you would ride your bmx down a hill so fast and thats all you were thinking about at that moment..
being in the moment. ahhh so refreshing..
wind in your hair and not a care in the world....and dreams...i had dreams..i wanted to be a unicorn or a gummy bear...
he-man he made dreams seem so real..."by the power of greyskull, i have the power"
maybe thats what we need... a little he-man in our lives...
wake up rise to the sun and say...
"i have the power!!"
these days my dreams are like visit a spiritual retreat..throw a pie in someones face at a party...swim naked at the beach in the light of the moon....colour an entire colouring book to myself lol!
jump out of a plane with my husband...go to vietnam and japan..
and well i must admit i still want to be a unicorn!
how awesome..
but seriously why cant we?
what yours?
dream big my friend
we only get one chance:)
"by the power of greyskull, i have the power!!"
your friend always
Mrs Shep xx


the stuff of mmm and stuff

the stuff of mmmm and stuff...

im quite down at the moment and i find myself trying anything to get out of it....
i have even read stuff where im telling myself in the mirror i love you gums, i love you teeth...
but alas! im still blue.
i yell help me save me someone..
from myself.
i feel like art is all i have that brings me to a place of peace..
and of course my family :)
but whats worked for you?
i want to know!
i mean come on im blending a whole lemon rind and all here with coconut oil lecithin, ginger and water and drinking it to open my receptors!
tell me your secrets.. until then.. a sweet pic
dont worry mrs shep wont be down for long :)
im getting better everyday....i love my gums......

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

man up.

 it's a funny thing doing something new...
especially out of your comfort zone..
i have recently put all my faith into letting my images be put on shirts and pjs
and have gotten my dolls made...even a book published.
and yet im scared!
scared people will go 'eh their a bit odd then aren't they?
but im happy too almost pee myself excited happy...
man up mrs shep!
take it in enjoy the ride...
or will i?

Sunday, August 4, 2013

music says it all today...
what would i do without mr Thom Yorke and my mr thom yorke look shep xx

Saturday, August 3, 2013

when you find your weekly song and run with it..
 this is me the shep....mrs shep...mrs shepherd...seymours friend....sheppy....mrs sheppinardo..
and i love having a theme song to get me through the week!
only thing is it's a tricky thing the theme song as share it with wrong people and you will never... and i mean never want to hear that theme song again!!!
but i trust you!!!
dont wreck it!!
i have a particular set of skills
i will find you !! lol
and i will kill you !!
here goes my theme song for the week.....
oohhhh yeah do you feel it baby?
cause i do too!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

they want to conquer you..
belong to you..
There is a song i listen to when i'm feeling blue...and it just blurts out how i feel inside so much that it almosts kills me....
yet i go back for more and more and more...
with lyrics like this there is no where to hide...
i come from kin who choose not to really see and well not to really hear...
in my paintings each and everyone i try to put a little of what i think and feel into them and i do so hope one day it will jump out and bite them or someone on the bum!
"they want to think for you, pour drinks into you, they want to look at you while i look everywhere for you.......
so loud, so loud,
slow down
slow hound.

Monday, July 22, 2013

can you hear me whistle?

can you hear me whistle?

 There are moments in my life where everything goes so gosh darn's like a very fast merry go round that i cant seem to get my feet to touch the ground to hop off of.
One summer i remember i lay on a blanket in my yard and my big kids were playing in the sprinkler and i remember i could feel the wind on my cheek...(a hot wind mind you...) and it had this beautiful light whistle....
It was as though time at that moment stood still and all i had was sweet children, water and a cute little in tune whistle..
These days i search for that moment...its like winning a prize.
Being told that you are indeed beautiful by someone you love.
holding hands with your gran and looking deep into her eyes and soul.
Who knows maybe the whistle is life reminding me its OK just to do nothing and just watch.
close your eyes long enough and you too will hear it.
icecream splice by mrs shepherd (c)


Friday, October 19, 2012

did i let enough light in...

I have been working on this little baby all week and i feel i have finally come to a stage where i am almost happy with her...and although i wish i had something profound and wonderful to say today....i'm going to let the song that influenced her do it for me....
kind thoughts and good karma xxx
Mrs Shep xxx

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

All Things Yum

mmmmm spring has sprung i had a lovely day taking advantage of the beautiful warm weather and the fact that mr had the day off and went exploring and checking out the town and other neat little towns around us....we found an awesome lunchspot called...
 All Things Yum
it is located
 In forster in the main street and it is so lovely...
such little touches gorgeous polka dot plates pastel coffee cups and homemade cakes and sandwiches to die for :)
it was awesome!
we grinned all the way home next time you are in lil' ole' forster check check check it out...hehehehehe
otherwise check out some pics of the humble little shop in question...
kind thoughts and love...
Mrs Shep xxx
P.s. sorry for my attempt at coolness:)
(you would think i would know better by now!)
all things yum Forster xxoo
and care xx

Thursday, July 26, 2012

and she paints and she paints and thanks the lord for Bon Iver...

it's simply lovely...
kind thoughts xxoo

mrs shep x

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

i can't compete with things today...
like the outlandish hair styles of the younger girls i see down town.

The uber cool conversations i over hear in the coffee shop when i go to purchase my little ole' coffee.

even text messages today penetrate my barrier.

i walk around and feel like no one understands me.

there is a whole world of  something stirring, knotting inside..
a knowing..a hurting even.

i can't compete today..
not even with my boots..

but ehh
there's always tomorrow..

Sunday, July 22, 2012

 good gosh Miss Scott...

Every once in a while there come along people whom inspire us.
people whom trigger us...
put the wind in our sails and set us soaring.

and if we reach up high enough, we just might meet them in the middle somewhere xx 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thursday, August 18, 2011


when i hear them coming fast and rolling in like the waves on the shore only not as has begun...
I told someone i would easily give away a finger for it's removal.
But now it's a part of me.
It is me.
It is who i spend all if not most of my time with..My head.
Never a dull moment...never the time..
And so i have learnt to live with it..and in a way love it. grow with it..
trust that it will take me somewhere new, and make me someone with whom i truly want to be and spend time with...alot of time. cause lord knows...I'm not going anywhere.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tis' weather to ponder on, weather to snuggle with, weather to be annoyed at, weather to love, weather to have bad hair to.
Tis' weather to think about what should be done with this and that to, weather to make small talk over,
weather to cook fattening lovely simply Divine gosh darn good food too...
Weather to thank the heavens for, weather that gives us amazing truly wondrous colours, weather to layer up to suit ones mood...
Tis' weather where all through my house all is quiet even the mice...
Tis' weather where somewhere else it's sweltering hot and that is a wonder in it's self.
tis' weather that suits me, my body, my curves, my frame of mind and that is marvelously yummy xx

Friday, April 22, 2011

i think it's funny when we are in love and songs remind us of our love, smells, even lines in movies, words and so much more.
Love keeps us going, keeps us sane, turns us insane, makes us lonely, makes us angry, makes us make up words.
love makes us dance like like no-one is looking and suprise nosey nose people.
Love really is what makes life well peachy.
i hope peachy is on the cards for my long weekend and all others i know as well :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

it's just a journey we are on....just a journey...

not much to say today except i love this song x
and i'm a little bit on the blue side xx

tis' a little bit of a journey to get to the new work today enjoy my families footsteps xx
much love
mrs shep xx

title/when all is beating down on you, hold her hand.

title/growth and a good lot of natter

title/keep on keepin on shep